Linda November
                The Jingle Lady
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Linda November is a name not recognized by the average music listener, but billions of people throughout the world, have heard her over years, just about every time they turned on their television set or radio.

 Linda's career did not start out as a singer, but as a concert pianist. Her career, which started at the age of five, came to a sudden halt during her teens when it was more important to have long nails than playing the piano.

 One day when she was sixteen, while in New York City going out on her normal day of auditions, Linda stopped at a Doctor friend of the family. The Doctor asked her to sing a song for one of his patients who immediately directed her to her first and only manager, the star maker, Gus Schirmer. Within fifteen minutes, Gus recognized her great talent and sent her to the legendary Richard Rodgers.

 Linda's career now turned to singing, as she became the protégé of Richard Rogers. She worked long and hard to develop her beautiful soprano voice.

 After a complete makeover, and with the blessings of both Schirmer and Rodgers, Linda continued to audition for leading roles on Broadway, with no success. Then one day, Gus Schirmer sent her out on an industrial production for the Ford Motor Company and the rest is history.

 Linda has sung on records with such great artists as Frank Sinatra, Dionne Warwick, Burt Bacharach, Barbara Streisand, Tony Orlando, Engelbert Humperdinck and Frankie Valli, to name a few.

 Linda became known as the "Jingle Queen", with over 22,000 jingles to her credit. At one time, she had over 700 jingles playing simultaneously on national television and radio, Her most famous jingle is from the commercial for Meow Mix cat food. "Meow, meow, meow, meow" became the number one jingle of all time.

 Today, Linda is a piano and keyboard accompanist to some of Las Vegas’ biggest stars.

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